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The Information Direct Difference 

Information Direct is a full service pre-employment screening provider. The Information Direct Difference gathers all the elements for information pertaining to criminal and civil records.

The affordable prices offered and exceptional customer service always meets expectations from start to finish. The diligent work over the past quarter century has earned the respect and trust of both small and large businesses. Information from screenings is provided in a timely manner. Screening information is accurate and easy to understand allowing the recipient to gain a clear picture before making their next hire.

A background screening doesn’t have to be a painful process for an employer. Our many objectives include eliminating liabilities to name one. Screenings help reduce fraud and promote drug free work places, and provide safe and secure environments for the company and employees.

Applicant Screening

A screening generally stated, actually describes one or a number of reports about a candidate. The reports are collected to determine eligibility for employment. This could include information about court records and criminal records, sex offender registry, social security validation or credit history.

Quite a few elements come in to play which make the Information Direct Difference the resource you can trust. Being your preferred provider for screening services is what keeps our services top of mind.

We start with employing the best of the best. Only experienced court agents and paralegals from around the world will contribute to the screenings. ‘Hands On’ manual retrieval will be conducted for court records. This gives you the direct access you’re looking for. Non-database certified criminal and civil records are brought to you promptly, making the screening a seamless process for you.

This means real people are gathering the information you need. Real people with direct results will help protect your brand and your reputation for making the right hire.
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Verifying Information

Making a hiring decision can be tough enough as it is. But verifying information supplied by a candidate is critical for the decision process. Screenings can provide you with the information you need to uncover records about an applicant which may jeopardize your business. Your reputation is not only at stake, but other staff could be endangered.  
Having the right information about a candidate in one hand, is equal to having the right company providing you with the information in the other hand. Information Direct aims to give you accuracy, but a level of services that gives you the ability to make a confident decision about a candidate.

Case information isn’t just delivered to you. The information provided will be interpreted by a team of paralegals. Now that you have the information you’re looking for, we ensure you’re ready to process the details by providing an easy to read summary of the facts and outcomes of all cases. This can help you greatly if you’re hoping to cut out the legal jargon and get straight to the point.

Records Information

When we say prompt delivery, we mean an average of a 24-48 hour turnaround for criminal records research and retrieval. For immediate access to information, rush service is available. Rush service gives you the information you need, when you need it. You will find that pricing is not only affordable, but often times below market pricing for all services.

Information Direct is able to provide this exceptional and prompt service with a powerful network. Our network of researchers are around the world, which means they’re ready to accommodate each and every screening for information foreign born applicants as well.

Legal procedures for obtaining all public records are employed upon every screening. The Direct Difference for you is abiding by the strict laws for all records obtained and provided to you. Information disclosed in records provided is reported in accordance with the FCRA, Fair Credit Reporting Act. Both federal and state laws are adhered required when processing all screening requests.

You can assure the information gathered in the screening process will be compared to the information your applicant is providing for verification.

The Direct Difference

As a premier screening provider, this Direct Difference we bring to you comes with over decades of expertise giving employers just like you the confidence in staffing decisions. Providing public records and pre-employment information is our job. We value businesses that come to us to ensure their protection and need for timely and accurate records.  

You can depend on us to give you the complete experience for screening and record retrievals to help your business and limit any liabilities. The Information Direct Difference is our way of telling you that will go above and beyond because we understand that value in complete and accurate screenings.

Applicant information provided in all records will be kept strictly confidential. Information Direct is fully licensed and bonded. The Information Direct Difference is an experience you need to see for yourself. Our service to you is ensuring the legal procedures for pre-employment screening and delivering the information you need. Our comprehensive process will leave you hassle free.
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