Workers Compensation Report


Workers Compensation Report

There has been an increase in worker compensation claims in the United States according to the statistics.

Employers might be unaware of many things due to which reason they end up having to pay hefty amounts of money to settle the claims.

Turn to Workers Compensation Report

In order for employers to know about the legal trends and the latest developments that are shaping the workers compensation industry, the Workers Compensation Report is the single document that they need to turn to. It is an integral document that can be of great use to employers. With just one resource, employers can learn to avoid or significantly reduce the amount of worker compensation claims.
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What is the Workers Compensation Report?

The Workers Compensation Report offers you complete coverage of everything that is happening in the arena related to workers, from state reforms to Medicare, and an aging workforce to skyrocketing medical costs, to terrorism and workplace violence. All of the evolving issues that impact the workers compensation program are brought under one report. There is nothing like it.

Most Recent Developments

The reason behind the importance of the Workers Compensation Report is that each of the documents that are issued is filled with all of the most recent developments in state regulations, litigations, health and safety, rehabilitation, ergonomics, return-to-work, and more. It relates to the entire workers compensation industry.

Latest Industry News

The Workers Compensation Report provides you with the latest industry news on both the federal and state level along with quick-read summaries about court cases in the United States. Follow up on the latest news regarding legal obligations and know just how to comply with the changes in state and federal rules and regulations.

Innovative Strategies

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of the Workers Compensation Report is that it provides employers with innovative strategies to successfully and efficiently manage the workers compensation program. Become a cost-effective employer with the help of the Workers Compensation Report.

Highlights Section

Each of the Workers Compensation Report offers a highlight section which provides a glimpse into the top stories. This helps one figure out what they should read first.

Uses of the Workers Compensation Report

There are various uses of the Workers Compensation Report. It can be used to calculate the Employees Compensation wages along with premiums according to the specified criteria that one selects.


The report can be used to read data which would define to the employees of the organization their compensation. Furthermore, code assignments can also be made with the Workers Compensation Report into two types.
  • Codes to Org Units (1612)
  • Codes to Positions (1613)


The necessary settings need to be made in the Customizing for Personnel Administration.


The selection of report is based on the criteria that one sets as listed below.
  • Tax Authority
  • Employee Subgroup
  • Employee Group
  • Employment Status
  • Personnel Number
Even though the period that is covered by the report is definable, the report would only consider those results that have a check data that falls within the defined range, when reading payroll results. 


The Workers Compensation Report provides summary information in the SAP List Viewer Form on the following information.
  • The premiums that is due for the group of the selected employees.
  • The workers compensation code.
  • The workers compensation state.
  • The workers compensation wages of all of the employees.
  • The total number of employees and their Worker Compensation code.


In order to access the report, one would need to choose the Personnel management menu and select Workers Compensation Report.
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