Court Document Retrieval


Court Document Retrieval

Information Direct has staff across the region with a network of court agents.

This allows us the ability to service clients with reliable and complete Court Document Retrieval services.

Agents with Information Direct are on stand-by just for you. Our staff spans across the very area you are seeking retrieval of court documents. Agents are ready to order, view and obtain any court document. Court documents to be obtained include any courthouse document throughout the United States and Canada.

Upon your request, we will have agents perform the retrieval process which can be ordered as certified copies through the clerk of the court. They can also be requested as standard photocopy per page.

You will find that prices are affordable and below market price. For standard photocopies, it is only $2.00 per page. And for Certified photocopies, it is only $10.00 per page.

Retrieval Services

Fees for court documents can be found with any company. Information Direct is committed to providing you with complete and accurate documents upon your request.

Documents can be obtained for cases or information purposes to assist with a hiring decision. With staff across the region and a network of court agents, Information Direct can assure that retrieval of any document is conducted within the regulations and codes for the court in its respective region or state.

Adhering to the law limits liability for employers or others alike who are requesting documents. This allows us the ability to service clients with reliable and complete Court Document Retrieval services.

Court Documents will be retrieved from the appropriate channel in which the retrieval process is allowed or from the appointee issuing the court documents.
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District Courts

One district court in Northern California outlines the reviewing and obtaining of court documents as being in any format but will need a case number. Without a case number, you may access a public terminal.

A valid government-issued picture identification card is needed to view a paper case file or docket. To make copies of document it's important to know what the process is like. You first need to determine the court division in which the documents are located. You can do this by examining the docket sheet online or calling the Clerk's Office.

The convenience of using Information Direct for Court Document Retrievals is a worthwhile investment for you. Saving you time is one thing, but having specialists who know what they're doing and know what you need based on your request makes the process safer for you, and gives you the confidence in knowing that the documents are complete and reliable.

National Court Forms

Outside of a general court document search and retrieval, you can find a national federal court forms. Depending on what you need or are seeking to request, national court forms can be used in all federal courts.

Information Direct will assure you that you will receive what it is that you're looking for. Each federal court maintains their own local court forms by the way.

Different forms may include civil, bankruptcy and criminal forms. Having the right form in a timely manner can save you more than just time. Having Information Direct retrieve the documents for you gives you peace of mine and allows you to focus on tasks that may be more of a priority for the time being. Let Information Direct handle the court document retrieval for you.

Sealed Documents

According to US Courts, most court documents are available online, but judges may seal case records in some circumstances. It's important to note that documents not available to the public are discussed in Sealed Documents and Closed Hearings.

Even in public court documents, however, some information is not available. As state by US Courts, federal rules require that anyone filing a federal court document must redact certain personal information in the interest of privacy, including Social Security or taxpayer identification numbers, dates of birth, names of minor children, financial account information, and in criminal cases, home addresses.

While you may have difficulty, certain laws will prevent documents from being retrieved. The time it may take someone trying to jump through loop-holes and getting nowhere could be resolved by contacting Information Direct.
Our specialists will give you inclusive support to either retrieve a document, or immediately identify the challenges in which may result in the inability to retrieve some documents.

Information Direct will complete the retrieval process for below market rates for copies and assure accurate and complete documents.
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