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Criminal Search

County criminal searches are recommended to protect against workplace violence and employee theft. According to the US Census Bureau, there are 3041 counties or equivalent jurisdictions in the US. Beyond arrest records, county courts are the originating point for official criminal records and are typically more complete and up-to-date than records at the state level and contain felony and misdemeanor records, open warrants, and pending cases. The primary disadvantage of a county criminal record search is that the records are limited to a single county.

To help offset the impact of a single county search, most often criminal searches will be conducted in all counties in which the applicant has lived, worked, or attended school in the past seven years. Information Direct, Inc manually employs and dispatches court specialist researchers to perform "On site" court record searches which includes both felony and misdemeanor convictions directly at the Superior and Municipal courts. This procedure is certified and recognized as the 'Only' correct method in obtaining quality 'hands on' information that is accurate throughout United States and other countries.

We will obtain a search of at least 7-years dept or further upon request. You are provided with all available details of convictions including charges, offense date, conviction date, disposition and sentence. In most cases and depending upon the jurisdiction, a criminal search is returned to the customer within 24 to 48 hrs elapsed working days of receiving the request. If a record is found on the individual, there may be a delay in turnaround time due to the fact that some records may be archived or may require assistance from the county clerk. Because many public indices contain only pointer information, and the actual records are held and controlled by the clerks, it is typical to expect court delays when researching the possible records.



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