People Locate Search


People Locate Search

Information Direct will execute a People Locate Search to give you information on addresses, phone numbers, aliases and possible friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

There are multiple purposes to a People Locate Search. This search can help reunite lost family members, friends and even classmates. Information Direct will conduct the search using specialized agents to navigate the appropriate avenues to reach the information you need, saving you time and providing you with the most accurate information on the people you’re looking for.

Current and previous addresses will be gathered in our standard People Locate Search. This information will be collected and provided to you in the report after the search is complete. Along with addresses, your report for the People Locate Search will include phone numbers as well if applicable.

Possible Information

Other possible information that may result in a People Locate Search is aliases. These aliases, if available and if used by the person the search is being conducted for, will be included in the report.

The People Locate Search will also turn up information on possible friends. The search will be conducted to include the names of possible friends, and if applicable, will included neighbors and acquaintances.

These other people included in a People Locate Search by Information Direct will only be provided in a report upon complete of the search in accordance with legal procedure and guidelines. This report will indicate that friends, neighbors and acquaintances were names of people that were gathered a search conducted for the individual the People Locate Search was performed for. As an employer or authority receiving this information, Information Direct will ensure proper and timely delivery of the report and maintain privacy for those deemed necessary.
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Search Criteria

While several criteria will be used to locate people in the search, all public record information linked to a person can be found by a social security number. A report gathered for you using social security numbers will be indicated within the summary and official report to allow clear and comprehensive understanding of the information gathered.

A person, or persons found to be associated to the individual in the search my not be a result of a search using a social security number. A social security number will only provide information linked to the individual. When Information Direct conducts a People Locate Search, other information, such as a person, or persons associated to the individual will be included in the report. Information Direct will maintain privacy for those who may come across a search deemed to be linked to or associated to the individual whether found to be a friend, neighbor or acquaintance.

Information Direct employs only the specialized agents to conduct a search of this nature and will ensure that the records gathered will be provided to the intended recipient.

Sensitive Information

Information gathered in a report after a search is complete may be deemed sensitive in its respective nature. While sensitive information is typically that outlined under HIPAA regulations, and Identity Theft Protection Laws, other sensitive information may be outlined as that of accounting records, forms of identification and data related to an individual’s work. A People Locate Search may result in some information deemed to be sensitive and will be handled accordingly within legal parameters.

Sensitive Information will be outlined in your report, and Information Direct will ensure that specialized agents are gathering such information lawfully and provide it to you as such.

A People Locate Search will conclude after a all information required for the report is collected and sufficient to meet your request. You can count on Information Direct to inform you of any and all status updates, and any and all information needed to conduct the search. You will not be left wondering about the delivery or the efficiency of your report.

Beneficial Information

A search that is conducted to give you information on an individual can be intended for the benefit of the individual, or for the benefit of an employer requesting the information on the individual. A People Locate Search can help an individual find another person who is important to them, who is concerned about their wellbeing, or may need the search to be conducted in order to initiate communication that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to communicate by their own means.

Information Direct will dispatch only the best in the business to help you with your request. You can assure that the report gathered will included only the intended information you seek and will be provided to you in a timely matter. Our agents will give you the timeframe for the report based on extent of the information you seek.

When you are working with Information Direct for a People Locate Search, you will have the information provided to you in a comprehensive report along with a summary to help give you the most important information first, with the backing of a fully detailed search.
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