Address Verification


Address Verification

Address verification is conducted to ensure that the address data provided by an employee or any other individual is correct, standardized and up to date.

When looking for a service provider to conduct the address verification, it is important to ensure that they should not only offer the correct spelling, proper address formatting, or append missing information, but they should also work in real time so as to provide you with reliable information.

Through address verification of the address information from everyone, the data collected would be clean and complete for use on the website, CMS, in call centers and other databases. This in turn helps improve customer service and customer loyalty, along with brand satisfaction, and hence, enables the organization to make better data-driven decisions thus, helping reduce any unnecessary costs.

We can help the business capture standardized and clean address data in real time.

Why is Address Verification Important?

When it comes to hiring employees or any other task, it is important to have confidence in the data. It helps ensure that the candidate has provided honest information and cross-checks whether the applicant is trustworthy or not. There are other uses of address verification as well such as to prevent inaccurate marketing activity and to put an end to wasted outbound mailings. There are many advantages of an honest address history.

The address verification helps check the mailing addresses of the individual from an authoritative database in order to check whether the address is valid or not. If the address being checked is found to match an address on the authoritative database, it shows that it is verified. However, in case there is no match, the address would be considered to be invalid.
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How does the Address Verification Process Work?

Employers do not have the expertise or resources to conduct the address verification which is why it is advised to contact the leading address verification service provider. The address verification process helps make sure that the addresses that have been provided by individuals are up to date, standardized and accurate.

As there are large volumes of information that are accessible with the advent of the internet, the process can be performed more efficiently. There are certain software solutions in place which organizations can rely on to provide them with the proper address spelling and correct formatting. These solutions are provided in real time.

Main Benefits of Address Verification

When you rely on a professional company to conduct the address verification, you will be able to take advantage of many things.

Reduces Chances of Claims

When the address of applicants is verified, it helps ensure that the employee hired is genuine and this reduces the chances of claims. Companies might not realize it until it is too late but claims can quickly add up and affect the bottom line adversely.

Increases the Likelihood of Hiring Trustworthy Individuals

Another great advantage of address verification is that it help ensures that the individual being hired is trustworthy. Every organization needs to ensure that an honest person is hired as it is vital for any position and especially those of higher authority as embezzlement and other activities are more common than one might think.

Ensures that the Individual’s Family is informed in Case of an Emergency

Knowing about the whereabouts of an employee is important as in case of an emergency regarding the employee such as if the employee falls sick, is injured or involved in a terrible accident, the family members would be able to quickly come and pick up the employee or be informed about any critical situation.
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