Marriage License Validation


Marriage License Validation

Normally, marriage license validation is done in order to show sufficient proof of a marriage being bona fide.

Most of the validation is conducted for spousal visa applications or for the green card interview.

Proof of a Bona Fide Marriage

When applying for a green card on the basis of marriage to a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, one of the most important processes is to prove that the marriage is bona fie. A marriage considered to be bona fide is one in which you and your spouse have an intention to build a future together and not to get married due to immigration purposes, and keep in mind that it would be considered visa fraud and could permanently ban you from entering the United States.
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For Green Card

First of all, the applicant/ petitioner applying for a change of status, is required to provide a marriage license. The marriage license would then be validated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to ensure that it is legitimate. Marriages are taken seriously in the United Stated. However, a marriage license is not enough to establish that the marriage is authentic. The USCIS knows how easy it can be to get married for a legal transaction. It is due to this reason that they would look for other proof as well such as to determine if the couple has a plan to live a life together when evaluation the green card application.

Two Primary Methods 

There are two methods through which the marriage is proved to be authentic.
  1. By providing the documents in the I-130 petition package. It is the first step in the marriage-based green card process.
  2. By responding to questions at the green card interview.

Professional Help

It is important to keep in mind that there is professional help out there. It is recommended to contact a professional immigration lawyer who would help with the completion of the marriage-based green card application (spousal visa). All the required forms would be reviewed and the independent attorney would discuss the legal procedure. The attorney will help you throughout the process.

Documents for the Application

When preparing the I-130 petition package, one needs to showcase their relationship over time. For instance, five photos with your spouse over a five years period is a stronger evidence as an authentic marriage, as compared to 10 photos with your partner from just last month.

One of the main reasons behind the I-130 petitions being denied is due to lack of evidence of a bona fide marriage. There are certain documents which help validate the marriage license and prove that you make a strong case of a genuine marriage. Not every single document that is listed needs to be provided, but it helps provide USCIS with an idea of your situation.

Evidence of Combined Finances

Financial documents are one of the best ways to show that you and your spouse are in it for the long term. The assets and liabilities of your spouse should be combined to prove a bona fide marriage.

Examples of relevant documents include the following.
  • Life insurance policies which list one another as primary beneficiary.
  • Joint home, health or auto insurance policies.
  • Joint credit card statements.
  • Loan and mortgage documents that show joint responsibility for payments.
  • Deeds or titles for jointly owned property.
  • Joint bank account statements. 

Proof of Living Together

As a married couple, the USCIS expects you to live together. Living apart on the other hand raises red flags. However, it is important to honestly explain any unusual living situation and make sure to provide alternative evidence of the genuine marriage.
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