Personal Reference Checks


Personal Reference Checks

A professional reference check is one of the most important checks when it comes to hiring an employee.

It is also known as a character reference and is a reference that is provided by an individual who knows the candidate and can vouch for their abilities and character. It is important for the check to be unbiased, hence personal reference checks should be performed by professional organizations that are experts in conducting personal reference check.

What is a Personal Reference Check?

In simple words, it is a process through which the information with respect to the candidate’s ability to perform in the specified position are reviewed and verified through the gathering of critical background information from the stated references by the applicant.
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What is the Personal Reference Check Used For?

The personal reference check helps provide confirmation of the social security number, address, and name of the applicant along with their credit history. The Credit Report would confirm the facts about the individual and help reveal hidden issues. There is a lot of information which can be gathered about the applicant, such as their sense of responsibility, stability and integrity. Each of these, are vital when it comes to allowing a new employee to become a part of the organization.

Pre-Employment Report

One thing which employers should keep in mind is that, although, the report provides an abundance of evidence regarding the candidate’s level of debt, child support issues, garnishments, judgments or bankruptcy, it is still a pre-employment report. Whenever individuals apply for jobs, they must provide references during the hiring process.

Personal references can provide incredible support to substantiate candidacy depending on the type of position at hand and the circumstances.

Character References

Anyone that is switching careers or even a recent graduate would require character references which would help provide an insight into their capacities and work ethic to help ensure that they are perfect for the position.

Read the Job Posting

Before applying for a position, it is important for individuals to read the job posting carefully and pay close attention to the types of references that are asked for by the hiring manager.

Difference between Personal and Professional References

There is a huge difference between personal and professional references. The thing about personal references is that they do not need to be of such a nature in which the individual had actually directly worked with the person referred.

The Importance of Personal References

It is vital to have references when hiring an employee to get an idea of their capabilities, work ethic, personality and get a better idea of the individual so as to ensure if they would be a good fit for the work environment or not. Since, the rise in sexual harassment and other work-related claims, it is important for employers to aware of the employee that is hired and personal references are a great way to do so. However, it is important to keep in mind that the personal references are not biased which is why for certain positions, immediate family members should not be accepted.

Seek Professional Services

A personal reference check that is conducted by a professional would help provide you with an idea of the applicant’s character, capabilities and reliability. It would be supplied directly after going through certain processes to ensure that you get firsthand knowledge of the individual from people who know him/ her best.

The personal reference check would provide you with information which a CV or application simply cannot. It is vital for effective recruitment. When you contact an expert in the field, you can expect to get reliable information.
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