Professional License Validation


Professional License Validation

One of the most important steps in the hiring process includes professional license validation.

A professional license is normally issued for advanced professions or skilled professions. A registered nurse, lawyer, doctor, accountant, surveyor, contractor, real estate agent, and other professions all have a professional license in order to showcase their expertise in their respective fields.

Importance of Professional License

Most of the industries throughout the United States and Canada are regulated by the government. This means that there are rules and regulations in place which help ensure that only experts perform certain jobs. Furthermore, employers have a legal obligation to ensure that the employees hired all hold valid professional licenses for certain job roles.
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Skilled Positions

Each of the skilled positions, require individuals to possess a professional license in order to get a job. A professional license is not easily achieved, only with completion of studies, prescribed work experience and training in the field would one be able to get a professional license. It is a standard in every industry which influences the role of the individual.

Get a Professional License Validated

When hiring for a certain position, several resumes are submitted, and some individuals can go to great lengths in order to get a job which is why, employers have to get the professional license validation done for prospective employees. The professional license validation process verifies the holder dates of issuance of license, the license status, date of expiration and more through the appropriate licensing agency or board within Canada or the United States. A great thing about the validation is that employers would be provided with a report within the same day as it gets immediately generated. However, for certain positions and employer demands, the validation process might take longer.

Verification of the Candidates Professional License

The professional license disclosed by the candidate would be verified with a Professional License Check. By contacting the issuing institution, agency or licensing board, the license type, designation number, status, date of issuance/ expiration, certificate or designation number or any other disciplinary action would be taken.

When contacting for Professional License Checks, the employer’s screening package might include the validation of professional licenses of candidates depending on the needs of the organization.

Benefits of a Professional License Check

There are various benefits of Professional License Validation. The verification of professional licenses is vital and a necessary check when hiring an individual for a position that requires a certain license. An organization might end up facing claims for negligent hiring in case a candidate is hired without checking to see if the candidate had a valid license.

Most of the companies only conduct the professional license check through a database and in case the institution which issued the license is not up-to-date, then the report would end up coming back with invalid information. This is why it is important to choose a professional license validation company to ensure that the report provided is the most current as the information provided by the candidate would be verified directly from the issuing institution. Here are some of the benefits of using professional license validation services.
  • Verification for a wide range of certifications and licenses, applicable for security, energy, safety, technology, healthcare and other regulated industries. 
  • Provides you with complete license information of the individual.
  • Speeds up the time for hiring and this helps reduce administrative time.
  • Ensures that the candidate is in good standing and has a valid license.
  • Facilitates in making informed hiring decisions. 
  • Direct contact would be made with the institution in order to validate the license information. 
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