Social Security No. Validation


Social Security No. Validation

Social Security Numbers (SSN) are a nine-digit number that is issued to the temporary residents, permanent residents and citizens of the United States under Social Security Act Section 205 (c) (2).

An individual is issued the number by the Social Security Administration. The main purpose of the number is to track the individual for the United States Social Security program which would provide benefits. However, the SSN is a unique identifier for individuals in the United States and serves various federal purposes. There are other countries in the world that also use Social Security Numbers, but the focus here is on validating the United States Social Security Number.

The Number

It is important to understand the number itself. In order to know what the number represents, it can be broken down into three main components and would appear in the following format.
  • The Area Number (A): The first number is the area number and it is denoted by an A. It is a three digit number which had been first used to assign the Social Security Number to the individual based on their geographic location. This could either be based on the zip code in which the applicant had lived in at the time of issuance of the Social Security Number or be the specific office code where the card itself had been issued from.
  • The Group Number (G): The second number is the group number and it is denoted by a G. It is a two digit number which ranges from 00 to 99 and follows a specific set of rules in order to build the sequence from the first value all the way to the last value within that group in order to avoid any consecutive value from being used.
  • The Serial Number (S): The third number is the serial number and it is denoted by an S. It is straight-forward number sequence which is output from 0000 to 9999 consecutively.
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Changes in the Social Security Number

When looking at the Social Security Number, one would notice that there is a great deal of past-tense in the descriptions. The reason behind this is because in 2011, the Social Security Administration had revised the entire assignment process in order to use a system of randomization which led to the following changes.
  • Elimination of the Geographic Significance of the Area Number: No longer would the first three digits be related to the individual’s state or geographic location in any way.
  • Elimination of the Group Number Method of Assigning the Value: The only difference is that the Group Number would be randomly assigned.
  • Unassigned Area Number previously would be allowed for assignment now: This led to previously unused area numbers to be assigned into the new Social Security Numbers. 

Validation of the Social Security Number

Since the randomization act took effect, it made it much easier for a mechanism such as the Regular Expression to be used in order to handle the validation of the Social Security Numbers as one does not have to worry about the area number and the highest group that has been assigned.

There are two internet verification options which can be used so as verify the employees Social Security Numbers and name to match them with the Social Security record. The following method needs to be followed in order to do so. The service is available to all employers.
  • Receive immediate results by verifying up to 10 names as per the SSNs online. It is perfect for the verification of new hires.
  • If one wants to verify an entire payroll database, then up to 250,000 names and SSNs can be uploaded overnight to get results the next government business day.
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