Deceased Persons Search


Deceased Persons Search

A request for information can vary depending on the need of an individual or business.

One such request is that of a Deceased Person. Information Direct can provide a Deceased Persons Search to give you the information you seek which includes a number of details.

When Information Direct conducts a Deceased Persons Search, we search for the name of the individual in question, and the state of residence. This information is gathered in an official report to assure you that we are meeting legal guidelines in conducting and completing a search for such information about a person. A Deceased Persons Search will always include the date of birth and zip code or zip codes known to be associated with the person.

When we search for this information, we are using agents specialized in this field who will navigate the appropriate channels to obtaining this information legally. The information gathered will be provided to you in a report within the time indicated upon beginning the search. You can expect a prompt turnaround to meet your individual or business needs.

Need For Information

A person or business will request a Deceased Persons Search for multiple reasons. One of those reasons can be for a death certificate. While the need for a death certificate or details about a death certificate may vary, the death certificate itself is issued at the time of a person's death.
The information in a death certificate will include a cause of death. This can be critical information for an individual or business requesting the search to be conducted. The information obtained after the Deceased Persons Search is completed will be outlined in a report and meet legal guidelines. The report will be provided to you in similar fashion to assure legal parameters are met within Information Direct, and for the request initiated by an individual or business.
A death certificate will contain potentially sensitive information. This information may be left off records since they are accessible by the general public. Information Direct goes beyond the face value of public information and collects information you need to conclude the search and provide the information you are looking for.

Because of the potential sensitivity of a death certificate, or the information gathered in a Deceased Persons Search, there are procedures to obtaining certain information. Such information could be that of a coroner’s report because a court may order disclosure of a criminal investigation for certain findings. This may be deaths from natural causes not referred to the coroner. Or, reports pertaining to criminal litigation.

While these may be difficult to navigate through as an individual trying to obtain the information as public record, Information Direct will assure our agents are following legal guidelines to initiate a Deceased Persons Search and gathering information throughout the search to complete a report. The report will be provided to you in a timely manner. Information Direct will notify of the turnaround time upon your request for the Deceased Persons Report.
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Request for a Search

A request for a Deceased Persons Search may be for the purpose of bank records. In this event, you will need to state your position as the person requesting the information. If you are the executor or administrator of the deceased person's estate, you can take identification, a certified death certificate and accompanying probate court paperwork showing your appointment.

This information will need to be taken to local banks near the deceased person's residence. Once at this stage, you as the executor or administrator will request a search for assets held at the bank.
In the event that the deceased person is a father to the individual, Information Direct can help locate the deceased father conducting a Deceased Persons Search. This search will turn up the name, address and zip code, state of residence and date of birth as described as the standard and will provide the information to you in order to proceed with your intention for the request.

This request be for the purpose of finding out if a Father left behind any assets for an individual. Upon learning of the deceased father, an individual may proceed with visiting a county court in the country where the father's will was probated.

Other steps will include visiting the state's unclaimed property database and conducting a search under the father's name. That person stated to be the executor will need to be contacted. This person will be identified as the executor of the father's estate, or the administrator if the father died without a will.

A Deceased Persons Search will lead you to the information you seek. Whether and individual or business need such information, Information Direct will assure that you receive all reports promptly. Most importantly, because of the sensitivity associated with these reports, Information Direct assures that all reports will be accurate, and complete upon obtaining the report and providing it to you.
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